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Our carefully chosen websites are recommended by either a member of the admin team or one of our professional football tipsters. Please feel free to send us any website links which you recommend and if they pass our 'censorship' they will appear on this page.


This is the UK Supporters Club of 1.FC Nuremberg. Established 1st January 2006. OFCN 323. If you're planning on a German football excursion these are the boys to talk to.

Free Football Tips Club

This is a relatively new site which does what it says on the tin. An ex-tipster from Footymystic runs this site, and after years of successful tips we don't hold any grudges!


A bit of fun here with loads of funny photos and videos. What we like about this site is it's simplicity and the range of subjects from sport to politics.

Football Scores

The ultimate and most up to date latest scores and results service. Used by all our professional football tipsters.

The Spectators View

Bringing the latest news, views and commentary on Newcastle United Football Club.

Arsenal Blog

All things about The Gunners.

For the latest news and analysis about all things Rangers.

 Soccer Tips